We are adding chia seeds to our meals, making fresh veggies a staple,  and preparing homemade healthy meals instead of going out, BUT what are we eating in between meals?? Yeah, I took a fork to my son’s leftover birthday cake today because it was sitting on my kitchen counter saying “Eat Me!!!”

I didn't even cut a piece...who knows how much I ate!!!
I didn’t even cut a piece…who knows how much I ate!!!

What if we had super healthy snacks that could satisfy our sweet, salty, spicy cravings?? And were sitting on the counter ready to grab???
I found it!!

LOGO - "over 100 ways to snack happy" Sounds good to me!
LOGO – “over 100 ways to snack happy” Sounds good !

NatureBox!!! NatureBox ships one box of delicious healthy snack made from wholesome, minimally processed ingredients for you to enjoy every month!

How Do You Sign Up?

1. Pick a monthly box size of 5-10-20 snack bags!

2. Choose snacks or be surprised!

3. Receive your box and Enjoy!

Vanilla Macaroon Granola! Yummy!
Vanilla Macaroon Granola! Yummy!


Friends, Use code: snackhealthy and get 50% off your first box! Shipping is always free!!

I just ordered my first box! I can’t wait to hear from you!   Will we love it??


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