I am not an EggNog fan. EggNog as a beverage, that is. We buy it and everyone has a must-have glass/shot WITH or without an alcoholic additive and then, there are tons of thick, milky leftovers! Instead of dumping it down the drain, make a beautiful EggNog French Toast!


New Year’s Day is the best morning to surprise your family and guests with a fabulous, alcohol- absorbing breakfast!
Here is the recipe:

EggNog French Toast


1 French baguette or raisin loaf or your favorite French toast bread sliced into 1 inch slices
2 eggs
1-1/2 cup EggNog
2 tbsp. Cinnamon
2 tbsp. Vanilla
1 tbsp. Ginger
2 tbsp. Sugar
1/8 stick of Butter to coat bottom of the pan.


Heat butter on medium heat in a frying pan.

Whisk all ingredients in a shallow but deep enough bowl to soak bread.


Soak bread with eggnog mixture on both sides.

Add coated bread to frying pan once water sizzles when flicked onto hot pan (yes, super technical terms)

Let it cook until slightly browned on first side.


Turn and cook until slightly browned on other side.


Remove from heat.

Add butter, sifted powdered sugar, and your favorite maple syrup.


Serve and enjoy!