Welcome to Parmesan Princess! I am Terri! Here is my story…Small town girl moves to the big city, starts a family,  moves to the suburbs of the big city, only to stop working, has two babies and endlessly strives to earn the titles ultimate housewife and top chef! With a new twist on traditional cooking, I have learned that I can cook delicious food for my family, explore food in my city Pittsburgh, PA, and create fabulous new dishes! Laugh with me while I share with you the joys of my world, interviews with experts, and restaurant reviews! From shopping, cooking, and recipes to giving back to others and fun, I am inspired to live in God’s love and thank him for my many blessings in this spicy delicious world!


Emeril picked my ribs recipe for a grilling segment on Good Morning America!

Pittsburgh Tribune Review Article

Contributing food blogger for thefoodtasters.com Pittsburgh, PA

Parmesan Princess and Zillow.com

Cook with me Live! At Pittsburgh Public Market

Find me on Pittsburgh’s Food Channel sgoeet.com

Parmesan Princess and Oil and Vinegar South Hills Village

Speaker Series Panelist -the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation

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