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Mediterranean Tuna Salad!

This summer salad is packed with proteins, good fats, and so super healthy! But that’s not the point. It is delicious. My mayo haters will be happy because this Mediterranean tuna salad is made with an olive oil coating instead of mayo!


I love adding garbanzo beans because it bulks up the salad, fills you up and adds protein at the same time.


Caperberries are brand new to us. Chef David and I used them on a recent Between The Eats Tapas and Pinchos episode, and my family fell in love with them!

The fruit, berries of the caper, are like olives but smoother. I can’t wait to try them in a martini!!
Here is the recipe…


Mediterranean Tuna Salad
2 cans, chunk light tuna in water, drained.
2 cans garbanzo beans, chickpeas
1/2 small red onion, chopped
2- 3 tbsp. caperberries
2-3 tbsp. sliced olives
1/4 cup olive oil
lemon juice, 2 lemons

parsley, chopped for garnish
Baby spring mix, plating

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl, except for parsley and lettuce.
Chill 2 hours.
Plate tuna salad on a bed of baby spring mix.
Top with extra caper berries, and chopped parsley.






New Adventure: Between The Eats!

So we totally have something to celebrate…drumroll, please… I am co-hosting a new cooking show called Between The Eats!! My quiet, recipe sharing, Pittsburgh food website “hobby” has turned into a crazy fun roller coaster and I never want it to stop!


I am co-hosting Between The Eats with the very talented Chef David Carmine, Executive Chef at Andora Restaurant in Sewickley. After his award-winning journalism career, Chef David decided to switch gears and enter the growing Pittsburgh food scene. With a flair for the unique, his foodie website was born. Great name, right??


After our paths crossed over Pittsburgh foodie social media, David decided I would be a great co-host. Laughable…I know. He was serious. So in true princess fashion I held my head high, studied my lines, impressed when possible, and tried to maintain a cool, calm , and collective nature. BECAUSE ON THE INSIDE I WAS A CRAZY PERSON!! Thus, a star was born. Lol!


About the show…
Between The Eats was created to fill a void in food video content. Creator of Pittsburgh’s food channel and Between The Eats Producer, Bob Steranko saw a need to push more video across Pittsburgh’s growing food scene. His company Reel Mill currently produces online video marketing in Pittsburgh.

Putting a fun, creative twist on everyday recipes, Between The Eats showcases new recipe trends and everything “in between.” Light, fast-paced, and entertaining, the shows co-hosted charm shines through with the the pro chef/home chef dynamic. We are ecstatic about our new partnership with Whole Foods Markets!


The show is available right now on Between The Eats You Tube channel or visit the website for more info and to get the recipes!
Click the Link below to WATCH EPISODE 1: Rethinking Mexican ! Don’t forget to Subscribe!

Episode 1: Rethinking Mexican

Celebrate with us Friday June 26th 12pm in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square!! Live Launch Open to the Public! Hope to see you there!

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