There is something so mouthwatering about sweet and spicy, sweet and savory, sweet and salty combinations. We can’t get enough when it comes to snacks, desserts, appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees. Why not bring these delicious flavor combinations to breakfast? Instead of accompanying your egg dish with a sugary bread, donut, or breakfast pastry, join the two together for a flavorful blast of yum!


Feel free to get creative! Top cinnamon bread, a donut, or even a cinnamon roll using this “baked in egg” method! Basically you need to make a nook for the egg. This can be done by either pulling out some of the bread, smushing it down , or in the case of the bagel, pressing the middle dough together. You don’t want the egg to roll away! It totally will! LOL If cooking your dish in a skillet, this hole problem is no big deal because you are directly on the heat source.

Of course I added parmesan cheese, too! HA!


“I want the recipe!”- There really isn’t a serious recipe, but here are the super simple guidelines ; )

Cinnamon Raisin Egg Bagels
Makes 6
6 cinnamon raisin bagel or other sweet breakfast pastry or make your own!
6 farm fresh eggs
fresh grated parmesan cheese
parsley for fancy styling

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Close center of bagels by pressing dough together and squeezing to secure.
Naturally, the bagels will create a nook for the egg. If using bread or another pastry, remove to create a nook.
Crack eggs into nooks – its ok if a little spills over.
Grate fresh parmesan cheese over eggs and salt/pepper to taste.
Bake 16-22 mins or until eggs are set. Note: The egg will appear runny, give it the shake test to see if yolk is set. Seriously, shake the cookie sheet and watch for jiggling. If no serious jiggling you are good to go : )
OR- Cook in a pan until egg cooked through.
Top with chopped parsley for a fancy finish!