For the last week, I have been entered as a contestant in the Maniac Magazine Mom Contest. The rules are:
#1)photo gets likes through Facebook
#2)the magazine chooses one winner out of the three with the most votes
#3) the winner gets a Body Beautiful Medi Spa and Whitehouse Salon prizes as well as a spread in the magazine


Why not, right?
Why not, right?

What a great way to promote Parmesan Princess! In Maniac Magazine!

Here is the link! Please like the photo to cast your vote!

Now for my secret…
For everyday use, I have a box-o-olive oil in my pantry! Yes, this exists! Corto Olive Co.

Great for everyday!
Great for everyday!

Get it here:

I buy great bottles of olive oil for drizzling, dressings, and for use where the grassy, expensive olive oil taste is necessary. For starting sauce in a pan with garlic? Box, totally!

My favorite special olive oil, Katz. Get it here:

Like wine in a box, the olive oil stays fresh and appeals to those who use a lot!! 102 FL OZ. of fresh, extra virgin olive oil! “Family Grown and Cold Pressed in California’s Fertile Central Valley!”

Thank You!