D.O.P… How can I explain it…

Yes, I am a wife, mom, nanny, cook, maid, journalist, fashionista, and old school rap sponge!!! Do you get started and just can’t stop? (I hope it is not just me! Well, I know Kevin does it, too! Ha!)

Of course I pair it with the perfect shoulder bounce or hammer dance ; )
Of course I pair it with pursed lips, the perfect shoulder bounce maybe even a hammer dance ; )

I forgot to add tomato snob to the mix. The distinction between San Marzano tomatoes versus a can of whole peeled tomatoes is one of taste. The San Marzano tomatoes are sweeter, picked only when ripe, and grown in the richest of soil in Campania, Italy. Once you start cooking with San Marzano tomatoes and taste the difference you will NEVER use plain, old, sour whole peeled tomatoes in a can ever again. Pay the extra buck! So what is DOP?

DOP Approved!
DOP Approved!

DOP is a further designation that stands for Denominazione d’Origine Protetta from the European Union for the processed product. These tomatoes are grown at the base of Mount Vesuvious in rich soil blended with volcanic ash. This soil produces DOP certified tomatoes that have few seeds and cook down perfectly! DOP is written on the label and means completely legit by the European powers that be. So now you know what DOP means on your San Marzano can AND you know what to look for next time! My faves right now are Ciao brand! You can crush them with a potato masher and use them for pizza sauce…naked!!! Just add your toppings and seasonings!

Easiest pizza sauce ever!  Try it!  San  Marzano DOP!
Easiest pizza sauce ever! Spinach, tomato, mozzarella, salt and pepper! Try it!
San Marzano DOP!


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